The Wardrobe Exchange Sandvad Mengers & Elmstrøm Lund

The Wardrobe Exchange

During The Wardrobe Exchange artists Line Elmstrøm Lund and Line Sandvad Mengers exchanged wardrobes for one month. 

The entire wardrobes were exchanged during the exhibition period, including underwear, sleepwear and accessories. It was possible to visually read the replacement of the garments, because Line Elmstrøm Lund mostly wears bright colored clothes and Line Sandvad Mengers only ever wears black. They also differ in stature and shoe size. During the exhibition period Line Sandvad Mengers' clothing were shown at LEL Presents, the exhibition place run by Line Elmstrøm Lund, who's clothings were displayed at bull mengers.

The wardrobe exchange examined how an object can both be active in social relations and simultaneously be read as an artwork.

"Having the same name, skin and hair colour and educational background is connected to our geographical origin and points to the minimal basic human differences, despite a strong trend in socity to focus on individuality. There are lots of differences between us that we consider very important ourselves, but across time and culture will seem invisible "

The wardrobe exchange articulates the relationship between work, material, intimacy, artist-subject and art object.

L.E.L presents

Foto: LEL, Inge Sandvad og Jesper Bull Petersen