social art, borgerindragende kunst Gudrun Hasle

Sjællandsgade No 37


The starting point was an invitation from artist Gudrun Hasle to exhibit in her staircase in 2005. I saw the nameplates as a means of communication in this semi-public/semi-private space.

I asked the residents to fill in questionnaires about gender, polltics, stile, faith and more. From the answers I designed new nameplates, representing the residents as they whished to be conceived. I was very happy that all the residents, but one, choose to participate.


Some of the images show both the original and the plates I made. The great likeness between some go them was unintended. It was rather surpricing to discover -when mounting the nameplates.


Summer 2006 I handed out the questionnaires at the odd numbers at Slangebakken. Slangebakken is a very steep road in the small village I live in. Most residents where on holiday, so I only got answers from 4 homes. The people on top of Slangebakken are some of my best friends, and they haven't received their nameplate yet. The one I had in mind is out of manufacturing and the one I made is awful. I still keep it in my drawer to remind me to get it done.


Thanks to all the participants!


Gudrun Hasle

Foto: Karen Petersen og Line Sandvad Mengers