Lise Skou Hannah Toticki Sandvad Mengers Late Shop

The Late Shop

In The Late Shop it is impossible to browse and buy things with money. Instead, the shop uses time as the currency or means of exchange. When entering The Late Shop a manger will assist you and lead you to the selection of hourglasses available. A dusty rose appropriated from the marble column from the façade of the former Copenhagen Stock Exchange building dominates the space with accents of verdigris as the cobber roof and a light brown from the entrance door of that same building. While the sand runs through the hour glass, the costumer may sit and wait and thus make an investment of time.

The Late Shop is developed by artists Line Sandvad Mengers, Lise Tovesdatter Skou, and Hannah Toticki, as a collective exhibition project intertwines that their practices to offer a sensuous space in which to explore time as currency. The Late Shop looks into new relations between art, economy, prosperity, and time in a warming world. The Late Shop uses delays, slowness, and vulnerable reflection to introduce an aesthetic and ethical vision for a new quiet economy. Not only as a diagnosis of our present but also as an amelioration framework for the future.

Once the sand has passed though the hourglass, the manager will leverage the investment and grant acces to the backroom, where the transaction is completed. In the backroom a scent scale based on soap, from cleaning products to high end perfume is revealed and the manager presents an arbitrary selection of the scents to the costumer. 

The Late Shop relied on the discretion of their costumers during the opening period. Managers performed by Ella Östlund, Amalie, Amalie Bergstein Nielsen and Marina Mors

The Late Shop, SixtyEigth Art Institute, Copenhagen, DK, 2022

Foto: Jenny Sundby