Infinity Tonic

A collaboration with historian of religions, Bjarne Glud, who participated in an expedition in search for truth. We turned to the trees in their living form with their deep connection to the earth - and in the shape of books - as carriers of human knowledge - in an attempt to find truth in the sum of knowledges between them. Our first conclusion: Truth is to be discussed between the linear and circular perceptions of existence - illustrated by the infinity symbol that combines the two. Our second conclusion: The need for a tonic

Random choreography, edition 88/ Gin, Tonic, H2O – 18° C solid (fluid after consumption)

Performer: Jesper Petersen.
Far out in the woods, KH 7 Artspace, DK, curated by Tanja Nellemann

Infinity Archive


Re-used resin sculpture

70 x 40 mm 

Part of the Infinity serie developed with Bjarne Glud.