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Favorite Books (Violence)

Books on violence from local peoples homes on display at the galleryspace during the exhibition. Variable dimensions. expected a lot of Shakespeare and Bibles, but people brought cartoons, crime novels and a surprisingly large number of books about weapons. Thank you to all the local participants and a special thank you to Christina Joensson

Group Exhibition with Heidi Hove and Naja Maria Lundstrøm initiated by Christina Joensson.

Espace D'arts Saint-Valentin, Lausanne, CH - October - November 2013



A 1 minute conceptual performance, a simple transaction.

A priest is invited to hand me a copy of his or her favourite book. This version is also about expectations.

With Louise Højlund, PerformanceRUM,  Aarhus, 2017

With Hans Jörg Statlemann, Cabaret der Künstler, Manifesta 11, Zürich, 2016

Thanks to Lavdrim Dzemalji for assistance.



Modul: Botanique, Antique and borrowed books

c4 projects, Copengagen, 2014

Favorite Book Transaction

Photo: Kulturmagasinet FineSpind and Ilona Kannewurf