Line Sandvad Mengers BHWq Koh-i-noor

BHWq Consult

BHWq consult is a project by Karen Petersen and Line Sandvad Mengers. 

We have both had experience in other disciplines, and have often found the skills and methods we use in our art production, to be useful. "This confirms to us, that the knowledge we have can be used in many contexts. Now we offer consultations to business and individuals. At the Many Mini residency – our first consultancy lasted for around 40 minutes, where the person who came by for advice started by describing the subject for which he wished consultancy. The three of us had a conversation and a coffee and we got a grasp of the participant’s situation. We took notes and by using the methods of the conceptually based arts, we will got back with a reply within a week. We fully enjoyed our time at the Many Mini Residency. In this project we chose to take the essence of our abilities and presenting it in its simplest form. "

The many mini residencies were organized by Ryan Thayer and Sarrita Hunn

BHWq consult, rum46, 2011.

Foto: Karen Petersen