Patience Malmö Kunsthal Line Sandvad Mengers



Patience was made for the exhibition Debt curated by Jens Axel Beck at 24 SPACES, Malmö Konsthal,

 a part of Malmö Nordic 2013.

The visitors where welcome to take a copy of the work with them. 

Patience has been shown at the following exhibitions

Je suis violente, Saint-Valentin Espace d'Arte, Lausanne, CH

WELCOME, bull mengers, Laven, DK

24 SPACES - A Cacophony, Malmö Konsthal, Malmö, SE

WISH YOU WERE HERE, A.I.R. Galley, Brooklyn, NY, US


There are two versions of the work,  Metallic gold foil, Variabel dimensions and a Postkort version 10 x 15 cm, Offsett, 300 grams silk paper, edition 250


Malmö Konsthal

Foto: Line Sandvad Mengers